Chegg Coupons Codes and 2013 Special Offers

Chegg rents and sells textbooks online to the student community as well as providing services to help with studying, class assignments and homework, connecting with other students and community activities, and providing peer reviews of texts, courses, and universities. Chegg’s online presence has brought the student world together in an effort to improve the quality of the educational experience. The result has been a wraparound service delivery system that addresses the needs of the student, often before they realize there is a need.

Chegg deals can be found online for rentals, purchases, and services. There is a wealth of bargains to be had. The following lists a few:

  1. 21-Day Money Back Guarantee: Return your book if you are not satisfied for any reason within 21 days, and you will be fully reimbursed for the cost of the book.
  2. Annual Membership Homework Help: Get 58% off homework help services with the annual renewal option.
  3. Monthly Membership Homework Help: Get homework help services for only $14.98 per month.
  4. 7-Day Free Homework Help: Get 7 days’ free access to the homework help services at
  5. Free Study Tools: Get free study tools with each purchase.
  6. Textbooks: Save 10% on 3+ books purchased at Chegg.

Other deals can be found at Chegg’s website or other sites such as, couponmom, bradsdeals and Many of these deals are offered ongoing, or on a rotating basis, so make sure you have reviewed the dates the deals are posted. Many of the sites offers information and reviews of the deal to include any steps you need to take to enter the promotional codes.

Additional homework help, peer suggestions, and resources can also be found at Chegg’s Facebook. In an increasingly interdependent global community, Chegg provides textbooks and services to meet every student need regardless of where they live.


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