ThinkGeek Coupons

There’s only one ThinkGeek website, and you’re going to find out that’s a way cool thing. They’ve got the ultra-hippest, weirdest and most way-out stuff you’ve ever seen. We’re talking apparel and toys and gadgets and even edibles. They’ve got Star Wars family car decals and circuit board business card cases. If you’re looking for a Dr. Who USB Dalek desk defender or a Teatanic unsinkable tea infuser, you’ll find it at ThinkGeek. Of course, they have the remote-controlled, inflatable R2-D2, too, and The Zombie Combat Manual. When all else fails, there’s always the ever-popular Canned Unicorn Meat. The next time you need a gift for that favorite nerd in your life — and that might even be you — think ThinkGeek.

ThinkGeek Coupons

By now you know there’s only one place to unleash your inner geek. It’s the same place to go to when you need a present that’s truly, wholly other. But you don’t need to break the bank when you shop with ThinkGeek, especially with these great deals.

  1. Free gift — When your ThinkGeek purchase totals $50 or more, receive a free Mega Man Air Freshener (you’ll be the first on your block). Get your free gift, while supplies last, with coupon code CUTMAN.
  2. Whiskey Stones sale — Buy one set of Whiskey stones and get a second set at 50% off. This ThinkGeek sale expires 6/19/2013. There’s no coupon code necessary.
  3. $20 deal — Pull together any ThinkGeek order for $100 or more and save $20 off the total price. Cop a double ten-spot with coupon code RETAILMEDAD. This bargain ends on 6/30/2013.
  4. 20 off 75 — Keep $20 when you buy any products from ThinkGeek for a grand total of $75 or more. Receive your discount by checking out with coupon code VADERDAY.
  5. Microbes sale — What could possibly be better than one Giant Microbes Primordial Putties? Getting two for the price of one, of course! You don’t need a coupon for this special ThinkGeek deal.

ThinkGeek extras

There’s no shortage of ThinkGeek stuff, and that means there’s plenty of deals to go around. For example, earn Geek Points, and the company’s thanks, on every purchase. Save up your points to claim even more geeked-out merchandise. Enroll in Geek Points via the link under “About You” at the bottom of their site. And don’t miss their Facebook page for announcements, events and even more deals. When you’re thinking of the weird and warped with a wow, think ThinkGeek — the next geek you think of just might be you.


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