Otterbox Coupon Codes

OtterBox is a company that was founded in the late 1990s as an answer to the growing need for cellphone and mobile device protection solutions. Their original device was entirely waterproof, just like the fur of an otter, which is what inspired the creative name for the company. Since then, however, the brand has expanded to offer a variety of different solutions and savings to its customers who are looking to get more from their mobile device protection. For this brand, it’s not just about providing a selection of quality products. It’s about making sure that those products are priced to sell so that today’s consumers can get what they need. OtterBox is committed to quality and making sure that customers get good deals at the same time, which puts them squarely ahead of the rest of the brands settling for one or the other.

Top OtterBox Coupons

  • Spend and Save – Right now, all customers who shop at can receive discounted savings depending on how much they spend. The site is offering 5% off $50 purchases, 10% for $75, and 15% savings on purchases of $100 or more. The sale applies to phone and tablet cases, and requires coupon code AM2012.
  • Free Shipping – For a limited time, all customers can receive free shipping on their orders. This coupon can be combined with other offers, as well. Coupon code: CES2013.
  • Discounts and More – This offer gives customers 35% off of their order along with free shipping on whatever they buy. This is a limited time offer, and requires a coupon code. It doesn’t appear that there are exclusions but there is not enough information. Coupon code KLATENCOREMPLY2013.
  • Newsletter Savings – Customers who visit the site and sign up for the newsletter can enjoy savings on their orders, information about weekly sales, and more.

More Ways To Save

OtterBox is focused on offering quality products for people who need protection. They also sell a selection of accessories and other items that people can use aside from mobile cases. They feature a case design lab where customers can create their own designs, as well. There is always a sale or a deal of some kind going on at this website. People shopping here can find plenty of ways to save, from the sale department to the special offers for registered customers. For some people, the reasonable deals on high-quality protective gear are enough to keep them coming back for more.


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