Zenni Optical Coupons

Zenni OpticalIf you’re in need of new glasses but don’t want to spend a fortune on a quality pair, the ZenniOptical website is for you. The website has a number of stylish eyeglasses sections for men, women and children, along with a feature that lets you upload your photo so you can try on glasses virtually, until you find the pair you want. Glasses from ZenniOptical also come with a free case and cleansing cloth so you can keep your new purchase looking its best.

When you’re ready to shop online at ZenniOptical, you can take advantage of a number of online coupons that will help you save even more on the company’s affordable products. Here are a few of the best deals on the Internet.

  1. 50% Off: ZenniOptical offers half off select frames on the website for women, men and kids. No coupon code is required. The deal is valid while supplies last.
  2. $4.95 Shipping: When you shop on the ZenniOptical website, you’ll get the low shipping rate of $4.95 for any item on the site. This offer never expires and requires no coupon code.
  3. $6.95 Women’s and Children’s Lenses: ZenniOptical provides lenses for women and children starting as low as $6.95. The lenses are sized and styled just for you, so you can completely customize the glasses you purchase for yourself and your kids.
  4. Free Shipping: Even though ZenniOptical offers a low $4.95 shipping rate, you can have your glasses shipped to you for free by entering CJ1024203 at checkout. This code is valid for next-day shipping, and doesn’t have an expiration date.
  5. 10% off $50: When you spend $50 on the ZenniOptical website, you’ll get 10% off your order. Just enter code TECHTEN at checkout to take advantage of this deal.
  6. 15% Off: Use the code fall15 when you purchase eyewear from the ZenniOptical website to get 15% off your order. Since many of the glasses are $30 or less, this Internet coupon provides significant savings.

Don’t forget to check the ZenniOptical Facebook page to get updates on new products from the company. The staff also posts updates about sales and promotions for eyewear on the Facebook page, and customers can upload pictures of themselves in their new glasses. You can also find out about the charitable work that ZenniOptical is doing in the community and the world by keeping up with the company on Facebook, which will make you feel even better about patronizing ZenniOptical. Happy shopping!


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