eMusic Coupons

Music lovers will love the offers that the eMusic website provides. The company creates a list for customers based on their musical taste. Patrons can purchase the music they want at any time in an MP3 file that works on any computer or mobile device. When customers become eMusic subscription members, music is just 49 cents per download. The website asserts that users save up to 50% off the regular price for music and customers get a $25 music credit when becoming members of the website.

In addition to the deals that eMusic offers, Retail Me Not provides a number of discounts as well. Customers that use Retail Me Not for eMusic save an average of $12. Here are a few of the most popular discounts.

  1. Three Headsets for $5: When customers enter the coupon code “sniff” at checkout, they will receive three headsets for just $5.
  2. $10 Music Credit: Customers receive $10 in music from eMusic.com. No coupon code is needed; customers can visit the eMusic site from UltimateCoupons.com to take advantage of this deal.
  3. Free Daily Download: UltimateCoupons.com customers get a free daily download of music from eMusic. Customers can link to eMusic’s website directly from the Ultimate Coupons website to get the deal.
  4. Deal for “Canceling”: When customers go to their profile and click the “Cancel Account” button, eMusic will provide an offer for the customer not to eliminate their account. The offer is either for $5 of music credits or a free month of subscription to eMusic.

Patrons are encouraged to visit http://www.emusic.com and browse through the site to get a full understanding of how the company works and provides quality music to customers. eMusic’s Facebook page features promotions as well, as well as informative reviews on new music.


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