Home Exchange Coupons

Planning for a holiday can be very expensive, especially when you take into consideration the costs associated with hotels and accommodation. However, this does not have to prevent you from taking a vacation when you certainly need one. With more affordable options such as Home Exchange, you can now take your vacation at more comfortably and at very pocket-friendly rates.

The Home Exchange Company was created in 1992, presenting itself as a cozy option to the highly priced hotels and other typical tourist vacations. The company boasts over three decades of experience in the home exchange business. Home Exchange is giving you a great way to travel with family for weekend trips and as a source of creative friendships and cultural experiences lacking from other vacations.

Home Exchange offers various incentives and offers on membership:

  • 20% Off – use the coupon code ‘newyear’ to get up to 20% off the cost of membership at Home Exchange.
  • 30% Off – even better, you can get 30% off when you use the coupon code ‘camago1109’.
  • Special Offers to Members – get up to three months’ membership to other Home Exchange clubs for only $1.

You can take advantage of the $1 membership offer to get more benefits from Home Exchange. Some of the benefits you would get with the special offer include listing property with an unlimited amount of photos.

Currently, the company shares information about the offers in several channels including the company website (HomeExchange.com). The company also uses other affiliate sites, as well as their Facebook and Google Plus pages. You should always check out the latest offers and deals from the company if you want to make savings in your next vacation.


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