Rubbermaid Coupons

Rubbermaid_logoWho doesn’t know Rubbermaid? They’ve only been around for nearly 80 years and are a true American icon. They’re like some kind of super organizer. They’ve got products to organize food storage and clothes. Their car accessories will unclutter your vehicle and their large storage bins will manage your patio accessories or your seasonal wardrobes. Even their freezer trays will organize your ice cubes. From cereal and dry goods containers to bath mats to bathroom plungers and squeegees, Rubbermaid will clean you up in every which way.

Coupon codes for Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid’s extensive line of products for the home and office are pretty reasonably priced – that plus their quality and innovation has kept them going for so many decades. But wouldn’t you like to save even more?

  1. Straight 10% – Shop Rubbermaid’s website and grab 10 percent off your order. That’s 10 percent off any size order when you use code KM10.
  2. 10+5 – Let’s go that one better and extend your savings to 15 percent. Take off 15 percent on your next Rubbermaid order with coupon code memberdeal.
  3. 15 off 150 – The next time your Rubbermaid purchase hits $150 or more, score a 15 percent discount. Store away your money with coupon code SAVE15.
  4. 10 off 25 – All you need is an order for $25 or more to save 10 percent. Rubbermaid will knock that off your total with no coupon code necessary.
  5. 15 off 125 – Rubbermaid helps you organize your dough, too. Organize 15% back into your wallet on your next purchase totaling more than $125. Get your deal with coupon code KM15.
  6. $5 off $50 – Rubbermaid will take $5 off your next $50 order. Any products, any quantities – your call. All you have to do is get the code: BUZZ5.

Rubbermaid extras

There’s another opportunity to save with Rubbermaid when you visit their website. By signing up for their Organization Nation, you’ll be added to their list to receive exclusive discounts, special rebates and money saving coupons. Sounds like a great way to organize your bargains.


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