UPromise Coupons

UPromise is a site that is dedicated to helping people save for college through their everyday purchases. People can set up accounts through the website to accrue savings for eligible children, based on purchases of everyday items. These purchases can be at grocery stores, retailers, or through the web through many different online stores. Selected transactions – from the purchase of household cleaners to dining out to booking travel reservations – are eligible to have a percentage of the amount paid sent to a special savings account established for a child’s college expenses.

Individuals can enter their frequent shopper or customer information so that purchases are automatically tagged for a user’s UPromise account. They can even invite friends of theirs to also add their information so that even more purchases are identified and picked up for potential savings opportunities. Once the frequent shopper information, credit card information, or traveler/diner information is entered, customers don’t need to do anything more to trigger contributions – they post to users’ accounts automatically and become available for transfer into a college savings plan. The funds build over time to help bring down expenses for attending college.

Here are some of the current codes for UPromise.com that can net some additional savings. Codes are posted from time-to-time for both specific retailers and for savings plans offered by UPromise:

  • “YES529” – This code provides savings for opening a 529 College Savings Plan with the State of Pennsylvania. It normally costs $50 to open an account, but this code will reduce the amount by $50, making it free for new customers.
  • “upromise99” – This code works for Melissa & Doug children’s toys, and gives the customer free shipping in addition to a 5% rebate credited to a UPromise Account.
  • “UPROMISE7” – This code works for Zirh skincare, and will provide $10 off any order from Zirh as well as a rebate of 12% credited towards a UPromise Account.

UPromise also advertises many specials on its Facebook page and through weekly e-mails sent out to users. These specials may include higher-than-normal savings that people can use to save even more towards their college expenses.


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