Vitality Medical Coupons

Vitality Medical has been supplying wholesale medical products and discount hospital equipment for your home and private use since 2000. Vitality Medical offers one of the largest selections of products online, including a lot of the merchandise you can’t find at your local pharmacy or supply store. They’re an authorized medical products retailer, so you can count on them to carry the top-quality merchandise you need. You’ll find all the leading brands on their site, including 3M, Inogen, Johnson & Johnson, Lifesource and Thera-Band, just to mention a few. Whether it’s filling your physician’s prescription or refilling your over-the-counter supplies, you’ll find it all with Vitality Medical at the guaranteed lowest price.

Coupon codes for Vitality Medical

Vitality Medical is doing their part to take the bite out of escalating healthcare costs. They’re so confident that they guarantee to match or beat any price. You’ll feel even better when you take advantage of these additional discounts.

1. 10% discount – Take a full 10 percent off your next Vitality Medical order. Get this deal with coupon code MISSYOU10.

2. 5% off – Snatch five percent on your total, up to a $50 savings, from Vitality Medical. Use this 5% offer on any order with coupon code CJCODE.

3. Another 10% – The larger your equipment or supply order, the more you’ll save. Take an extra 10 percent off with coupon code SAVE10.

4. 5% discount – Here’s a deal that takes 5% off any order, any size you like. This bargain is yours when you enter code LUCKY5.

Vitality Medical extras

Specials can come and go quickly at Vitality Medical, like their current medical glove sale. This limited-time promotion offers some products marked down as much as 50 percent. Vitality also comes across special purchases and closeouts all the time, and you’ll find these listed under their “Deal of the Day.” Right now you can grab a pair of arthritis gloves for just $11.39, a case of Thera-Band exercise band rolls for $135, and choose from three walkers priced $39.01 – $52.25.


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