Wondershare Coupons

Wondershare produces more apps and utilities than you can shake a memory stick at. They’re one of the leading software firms that have recently come out of China, and they’ve virtually taken the third-party software industry by storm. They’ve developed some of the meanest applications for consumers and businesses, covering everything from multi-media and PDF file conversion to mobile recovery apps to utilities that will clean up and optimize your PC. Whether you’re running Windows or an Apple OS, Wondershare can work wonders for your computing life.

Coupon codes for Wondershare

You can get free trial versions on almost every app from Wondershare. It gets even better when you get their software for less with these bargains:

1. 20 percent ” Get your Wondershare software for less. That’s a whole 20% off any purchase on their site through 12/31/2013. Use coupon code DEALUXE for better living through better computing.

2. Slideshow ” Wondershare’s DVD Slideshow Builder helps you make a killer presentation using your video, music and photos. Save 15% on this app with coupon code 723718.

3. Android recovery ” Retrieve all your lost Android data and save $5 while you’re at it. This app can recover lost contact, photos, music and more, even if your phone is damaged. Try it out with code COU_CA03.

4. MePub ” Take $5 off your purchase of MePub for Mac and turn virtually any file format into an eBook. Get this Wondershare offer with code SIT-45K2D46VKD.

5. QuizCreator ” Develop your own professional online quizzes and surveys and even track the results with this Wondershare utility. Save 15% on QuizCreator now. What’s the code? The answer is: WOND-0MX8-QUIZ.

6. DVD Creator ” Burn DVDs for 30% less! Wondershare’s DVD Creator for Mac helps you create top-quality DVDs from the most common video formats. Get a third off the price with code WOND-ROKE-TDC.

Wondershare bonus

How would you like one of the coolest utilities around? How would you like it for free? Wondershare has an app to download and play YouTube videos to your Windows or Mac machine. And right now they’re giving it away. Mouse over the “Multimedia” link at the top of their page and look for YouTube Downloader before they change their mind.


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