Roku Coupons

Roku was founded by the inventor of the digital video recorder (DVR). At the time of the founding in 2002, few technologies leveraged the power of the Internet for televised media. ROKU created the technology needed to stream media from the Internet to the television, thereby creating a vacuum for other service providers such as Hulu to develop on-demand technology for shows televised on cable and broadcast television. The Roku streaming device rivals competitors such as TRENDNet, NeoTV and the soon-to-be Amazon streaming device by providing expanded access to online channels and free content that can also be found online and is not available on competitor models.

Coupons, Special Deals and Incentives from Roku

Roku deals can be found all over the Internet as well as in your local brick & mortar stores such as Best Buy, Costco and Target. Roku markets several different models to meet the different price and product needs of the customer.

The following coupons are currently available:

  • Roku 2 – Get 10% off on any Roku 2 using code 144-h2g7bav68l.
  • Free Subscription – Get a two-month free online media subscription with the purchase of a Roku using code DBN6-JB97-3F4R.
  • 25% off – Get 25% off your purchase of a Roku 2XS, 2XD, HD using code fbbfxdeal.
  • Save 25% – Get 25% off on a refurbished Roku 2XS with 90-day warranty .

Coupons are updated regularly at the Roku site. Other deals can also be easily located online by searching for “Roku deals” or by searching for deals at,,, or visiting your local

Be sure to double-check the expiration date of coupons you find online since many of these are updated with new codes. You can even try one for 30 days risk free; if you do not want to keep it you can return it free of charge.


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